Touch 7s @ Wakehurst

Welcome to Wakehurst Touch 7s!

Touch 7s is all about kids, parents and friends running around having fun and enjoying a friendly, social game of Touch 7s, the non-contact version of Rugby 7s. 

Boys and girls aged 5 – 15 and Adults (Opens) from 16 through to 99 are welcome, no matter what your skill level, so round up all your brothers and sisters, friends and cousins and “swap screen time for green time”.

Games will run 4:30pm-6:30pm

  • U6/U7
    • Games will start 4:30PM through to 5:30pm
    • they will have their own Field and we will introduce them to “TriTag” which will be used during the winter Season in 2024
  • U8’s upwards
    • Games will start with U8/U9 Games at 4:30pm
    • then continuing across each age group through to U15’s that should finish around 6:30

In previous year’s we have had a strong “Opens” program that had teams across. Mum’s Dads, Colts and players from U16 upwards. Our program is NOT about ladders and intense competitions, its about Friday Night Social, Fast and Fun games of Touch 7’s

  • The Opens games will run from 6:30pm and end typically around 8:00pm
  • The opens than played each other and had some great fun and stories to tell after the games.

Games will be each Friday for 6 weeks from Friday 9th February 2024 through to the 15th March 2024, at Wakehurst Rugby Club grounds, just off Forest way.

There will be a BBQ, canteen and Bar so come and join the fun, Registrations are $60 per player (Including Insurance and players shirt)

Managers MUST register a team, they can then send out the link so their players can then register to join the team.

If you want to play but don’t have a team. Please register to “Wakehurst Barbarians” we will move the players into a team for the players age group, if we have enough players for their age have for example “Wakehurst Barbarians U8” team.

We have “How To” guides for both registering a team(s) and players, please see the links at the How to section below.

The Wakehurst Touch 7 program will have teams from U6 up to Opens.

We recommend that teams should be 7 players with 1 or 2 substitutes, having more than 9 players to a team will most likely mean players wont get game time, if teams have players away we will match numbers i.e. 5 vs 5.

Please note each team will need a manager and they are the ones to register a team

The Wakehurst Touch 7 program will have teams from U6 up to Opens.

We recognise that some of you want to play but don’t have a team to register to, we are taking individual registration’s for those players, can you please register to “Wakehurst Barbarians” and we will move the players into teams for the players age group or if we have enough players for their age we will form a Team for that age for example the “Wakehurst Barbarians U8” team.

Should you have any questions about the registration process or Touch 7s , please contact the Touch 7s team 

Marcus Stock – email – Phone 0425 333445.

Ciaran Westland – email – Phone 0421 313 741.

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