Minis and Junior Registration 2024

Welcome to Registration

For both Mini’s and Junior Teams, registration for the 2024 season will be to Rugby Australia’s system called Rugby Xplorer

The season will officially start on the 27th March 2024

We have added links and instructions for the online registration process at the bottom of this web page. We strongly recommend that you read all the details provided below before you commence registering.

Registrations will officially close on Friday 1st April 2024 
Teams will be determined based on lodged registrations as at Friday 1st April 2024 (inclusive) so that competition draws can be produced. It may still possible to join one of our teams after this date depending on player numbers.

2024 Registration Fees for Minis & Junior Players

For 2024 there have been a couple of changes to how fees and the players age groups are calculated. The Age group that the player will be playing in is based on the players age at the beginning of the year i.e. 01/01/2024.

Our fees for the 2024 season are set as follows:

Age GroupRegistration Fee 2024
U6s – U7s$100.00
U8s – U9s$140.00
U10s – U18s (All juniors)$200.00

Included in your registration

  • All registrations now include a Team Photo for each player
  • All new minis and Juniors players to the Club will receive a Welcome to Wakehurst pack that includes Wakehurst rugby club shorts, socks, caps & drink bottles. 

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS … The NSW Government are giving a $100 Voucher to each child who participates in an approved activity
Once again in 2024 the NSW Government will supply a $100 voucher for children in an approved activity, such as Rugby Union. Various providers have been approved by the Government and will be able to redeem the vouchers against registration fees. The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) is the designated provider for Rugby Union.

Parents will need a “Service NSW” account to receive their voucher which can only be used once for each child.  To be able to claim the voucher, parents must register and pay on-line in Rugby Link. More details about the scheme can be found at the NSW Govt – Office of Sport website.
If you use the voucher when registering your player, the cost to you for the 2024 season becomes:

Age2024 FeesFee after Active Kids Voucher
U6s & U7s$100.00$0.00
U8s & U9s$140.00$40.00
U10s – U18s$200.00$100.00
  • MORE GOODS NEWS … … .In 2024, all registered players under 16 years of age will receive a free General Admission Season Pass to the NSW Waratah’s Home games.  You will receive an email from NSDW rugby with a link to get your pass, but you will need to have completed registration in order to receive your pass.


  • Download your Active Kids Voucher first
    • this is to receive $100 per child to put against your registration fees.
    • You will need to record the voucher number and enter it into Rugby Explorer.
  • Download the Rugby Xplorer app from the Apple or Google stores onto your phone or Tablet


The Guide below will help you through the registration process

 Follow the prompts to register a new child or search for an existing child. Existing players should be linked to your MyRugbyID or email address (the one you would have used for last years rego) we strongly suggest that you use your ID and typically your email address will also we the same as your child’s!

Once you have logged in the you should see all linked accounts for your child(ren) if these came across from the old RugbyLink system.

If not then when you go to the registration page then you will need to Create “Rugby Linked Account(s)” -you will need to do this for each child that you wish to register, please note that this will create a New RugbyID for the player

If you have forgotten your password there is an option to reset it.

Some important things to note in the registration process:

Click register and click Find a club under PLAY RUGBY

Select the Player or Volunteer to register or “Link to a new person”

When searching for your club type in “wake” then hit search, you will the see 2 entries for Wakehurst Rugby Club, please select the 2nd option at the bottom of the search results.

  • Wakehurst Rugby Club (Seniors)
    NSW Suburban Rugby Union
  • Wakehurst Rugby Club (Juniors & Touch 7s)
    Sydney Junior Rugby Union

Next you will need to “Select the role that applies to you, choose the registration type and how long you want to register for:”

All players should select

Player  as the Role

Junior XV’s as the Registration type

Season for the Duration.

Click Next

you will need to complete the Personal details for the child

Click Next

Please upload a Picture of the player (for U10 upwards you MUST provide a photo for official sign on’s on games days)

Click Next

Please complete Additional details

When asked if you want your profile private,  you must select “no”.  this affects your registration if you select yes then we won’t be able to find your child in the program.

Click Next

please provide Emergency contact details 

Click Next

please provide the details in Additional Questions

you will need to provide the players details of school, height and weight.

Click Next

You will now see the Registration Summary and the terms and conditions of registration

you can add at this stage your Active Kids voucher number and PIN (this is typically the day and month of birth (i.e 0511 for 5th November)

any Family discounts will be shown for multiple players from the same family, you will need to go through and enter each player and pay for them, then as you register the 2nd family member the system will recognise it and discount $40 for the 2nd family member and discount $100 for the third child onwards


You will need to acknowledge the National Terms and Conditions that you can click to read

Click Continue to payment

Please enter your payment details 

Click Make Payment

If you have any problems registering online, please check out these FAQ’s . If you still can’t register your child, please contact us at

This year as well as your kids, we need you!
As you know our club is run entirely by volunteers and in reality it is only a few people that keep this together and we know that with more support we can be bigger and better. 

There are a number of urgent roles we need to fill in the club. So if you or someone you know has time, skills or money to donate there are a range of options for you!

We have some urgent volunteer roles we need to fill asap. Some of them would suit two or more people working together:

  • Technology Manager
  • U6 & U7 Coach(s)
  • Girls 7s coach

This year we have introduced a series of working groups to help run the club and we are looking for helpers to do “Just one thing”.

The time you will need to donate will depend on the role but it can be as little as a few hours over the season to couple hours a week.  so please if you have time put your hand up and we can find something for you to do!

The working groups are: –

  • Grounds
  • Club house
  • Technology – facebook, wordpress, etc
  • Marketing / Social and Fundraising / Sponsorship
  • Government Grants
  • Mini’s
  • Juniors
  • Touch 7s
  • Subbies

Please contact David Casey our Club Secretary regarding volunteering positions:

Wanting more information before you register?
If you have any questions or queries that you would like to ask before registering please do not hesitate to contact Ciaran Westland our club registrar, via:

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